PC Navigator by MapFactor

PC Navigator by MapFactor 15.2

Navigation tool with voice guidance for your PC, tablet, laptop, and PDA
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PC Navigator is a multi-platform navigation software tool that will allow you to travel safely and accurately around Europe and North America and other selected countries from Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It offers you detailed TomTom street and road maps and clear routes with voice navigation in a selection of languages for your PC, laptop, PDA, or tablet.

When it comes to navigation programs, usability is a must and should take precedence over many other design decisions – that is what PC Navigator offers you, a clear and easy-to-use interface where you can define your routes in an intuitive way. With clear menus and oversized icons and texts, the program’s interface has been clearly designed to ensure a high level of visibility and the easiest and most efficient navigability possible. As a bonus, the night and day modes guarantee the best in visibility under different light conditions.

The program is equipped with updated TomTom (TeleAtlas) maps for most European countries, all of North America, and a number of selected countries in the remaining continents. The transition from country to country while driving across borders is seamless and smooth, and you are provided with useful information about motorway signs, velocity profiles, traffic conditions, etc. Voice navigation is provided in all the main languages, and it is both clear and intuitive. You will have a clear overview of the distance to the next target and will receive clear instructions about the upcoming maneuver, while the map rotates in the driving direction as your vehicle moves forward.

The Route menu allows you to create new rules, simulate any of those routes (in real time), and configure your own itineraries, traffic information, disabled streets, etc. In the Settings menu you can configure various devices, such as the GPS and the TMC signals, and various remote communication devices. You can also set the speed warnings, the vehicle tracking options, and the maps and navigation features so that they fit your preferences. The POIs (Points of Interest) menu is extremely well organized in various sections (administrative buildings, culture and entertainment, sport and health, shopping, eating out, airports, hotels, etc.) that will help you find that elusive spot you are looking for and discover new places in your area of interest.

Finally, PC Navigator comes with a variety of other useful tools, such as an odometer to measure your mileage, routes for pedestrian mode, route avoidance features to block specific roads, and a comprehensive vehicle tracking tool to keep all your vehicles under control at all times. PC Navigator is much more than just a GPS tool to help you reach your destination in the easiest and simplest manner – it is a comprehensive navigation app with all the features you need for both your business and pleasure trips.

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  • Suitable for all kinds of devices
  • Configurable routes
  • Helps you locate POIs in any supported country
  • Extensive list of European countries
  • Detailed and clear street and road maps


  • Limited mostly to European and North American countries
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