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PC Navigator by MapFactor 19.3

Create and follow your routes while travelling with a high level of accuracy
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When planning your next holidays or business trip, PC Navigator by MapFactor can provide you with accurate guidance on the fastest and/or the cheapest way to get to your destination nearly anywhere in the world via its high-quality TomTom maps and extensive database of points of interest. It allows you to simulate your routes, view a simulation, and save them for later use.

Though these tools are more widely used in portable devices for obvious reasons, you can always save a lot of time using PC Navigator to plan your trip thoroughly beforehand. It can trace any door-to-door route in seconds with a high level of accuracy, providing you with detailed information about the state of the roads, speed warnings, arrival time, total distance, points of interest in the way, etc. The maps are of excellent quality, displaying an excellent zoom in and out functionality. You can choose between day and night modes for a more comfortable viewing experience.

Probably the feature I like most about this PC version is the route simulation – you can preview your entire trip beforehand to make sure you take the right turn and you do not miss any not-to-be-missed spot. Route simulations are also an excellent way of getting used to the graphics and the voice guidance of the program before taking it with you on your PDA, smartphone, or tablet. Of course, you can always install it on your laptop if you wish and make the most of both worlds.

PC Navigator comes with excellent features and tools to help you make the most of your trips. It offers you an odometer to measure any distance, an extensive and accurate street database to select the exact departure and arrival spots, a favorites option, traffic information, etc. It also includes a convenient POIs (points of interest) database for culture, entertainment, shopping, sport, or tourism activities, or simply to find a hospital, a gas station, or a hotel in no time.

Navigating the tool itself on your PC is not that straightforward, though. One has the clear impression that the tool’s interface has been designed for a much smaller device. Instead of adapting it to the PC environment and make wiser use of windows-based interfaces, it simply enlarges the original menu options and icons to the size of your PC screen with mixed results. There is no way to look at a map and select something from a menu simultaneously – whatever is on the screen (be it a menu or a map) appears on top of everything else. Do not try to minimize the program’s interface while viewing a map or a route simulation – actually, you won’t find a button for that unless you go back to the main menu. Using the program in a view mode other than full-screen seems to be out of the question, too.

PC Navigator comes in various flavors depending on which part of the world you are interested in. There is a one-country version and an all-Europe version for the continental traveler. There is also a specific version that covers both the USA and Canada. All of these products are also available for trucks for a slightly higher fee.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Displays high-quality maps
  • Includes vehicle tracking capabilities
  • Saves your routes for later use
  • Has an odometer to measure any distance
  • Offers an excellent catalog of POIs


  • Interface navigation is not very user-friendly
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