PC Navigator by MapFactor

PC Navigator by MapFactor 16.0

Comprehensive navigation software for your PC, tablet, PDA, or notebook
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PC Navigator brings your car navigation system to your PC, tablet, PDA, and notebook. With TomTom maps, a growing range of countries, vehicle tracking options, and all the functionality of the most sophisticated GPS navigation devices, PC Navigator will let you locate and save your favorite destinations, design routes, watch realistic route simulations, and follow clear voice-guided instructions without installing any new hardware on your car.

The program faithfully reproduces on your preferred Windows-based portable device the look and feel and the usability of a standard GPS navigation system. This has both pros and cons. On the pros side, you will enjoy looking at full-screen maps, routes, and menus on a larger display, and will take advantage of larger icons and enlarged text that can be easily spotted and selected on touch-screen displays. On the cons side, if you’re using a PC or laptop with no support for touch-screen navigation, you will find that your mouse and keyboard are not that useful anymore. Against what you might expect from a PC-based tool, neither the Esc key will take you to the previous screen nor the right button of the mouse will open any context menu to help you jump to the desired option quicker. You will need to move backwards and forwards from menu to menu and option to option exclusively via the buttons on the screen.

Having said that, as a GPS navigation tool, PC Navigator is an excellent choice. It comes with all the important bells and whistles and all the options you will ever need to go from A to B in a practical and intuitive way. The program comes with an excellent database that will help you locate the precise spot you are looking for, design the best route to get to it, and the possibility of saving them for future use in the most convenient way. With day and night visualization modes, interaction with Google maps, vehicle tracking support, messaging tools, odometer, settings backup and restore options, TMC support, Internet search, etc., PC Navigator gives you more than many of its competitors can offer.

The information you get on the screen is fully customizable, and you can select your preferred routing mode, the number of “infopanels” to show, 3D maps display, extra navigation instructions, to show or hide signposts, and many other navigation settings aimed at making your driving more comfortable and safe. Both the list of countries and their coverage grow more and more with every version. Most European and American countries are fully covered now, together with nearly 50 other African, Asian, and Middle East countries. Search engines have also been greatly improved, and the number of languages supported by the interface is also significant.

PC Navigator cannot be easily beaten when it comes to functionality, visuals, voices, and navigation instructions. If only it took more advantage of the way users move around apps on a PC, it would be simply stunning. Touch-screen devices, though, are totally capable of unleashing the program’s full potential, which is huge.

Francisco Martínez
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  • High-quality TomTom maps
  • Shows locations on Google maps if requested
  • Route simulation
  • Day and night visualization modes
  • Vehicle tracking functionality


  • Navigating around the app's menus and options is not optimized for PC
  • The installation of the program and the maps could be more intuitive
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